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Our team has been researching online media for many years. Even though a variety of content pieces become popular over time, we’ve found six key traits that popular websites, articles, video shows, and podcasts share. We’re not talking about flash in the pan popularity, like an article that gets a lot of traffic on Twitter once and then is forgotten. We’re talking about content that is ranked highly in search, receives downloads months after it is created, and delivers social and monetary value back to the creator for years. Podcasts with staying power are relevant, delightful, well-crafted, unique, and have relatable hosts. Podcast hosts that succeed in making compelling content put their listeners first.

Syndication is another word for distribution. The evolution of Internet technologies like search, RSS, and high speed site connections make it very easy for you to distribute your podcast to a potential audience of millions. The good news, is that BlogTalkRadio automatically syndicates feeds for hosts. We submit your feeds to Stitcher and iTunes after you successfully host and archive 3 episodes. This section is designed to teach you how syndication works so you understand the full reach your podcast can have.

Syndication That Works Easy to Share & Embed Player Post your podcast to your website or social network. We support Twitter cards so you can play an episode inside a tweet.

 Plays on Any Device Our site and embeddable player provide HTML5 audio that works on your phone, tablet or laptop. Listen anywhere, anytime.

 Distribution to iTunes & Stitcher Every podcast is automatically added to a feed you can push to iTunes, Stitcher and more.

 RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is sometimes referred to as Really Simple Syndication. RSS generates feeds of frequently updated information (blog posts, podcasts, news headlines, videos, etc). These feeds include meta-data like headlines, podcast art, author information, keywords, and summaries. Listeners used to have to subscribe to RSS feeds but now directories like Stitcher, Tunein, and iTunes use these feeds to make content available to listeners.

The good news, is that BlogTalkRadio generates an RSS feed for your podcast that has all of the meta-data iTunes, Stitcher, and other directories need to syndicate your content. To find the URL of your RSS feed, simply find your podcast URL and add “/podcast” to the end of it.

BlogTalkRadio automatically submits feeds to iTunes, Tunein, and Stitcher after a host’s 3rd episode. The submission process can take 24 hours to two weeks (feeds are validated by Apple and Stitcher). Please email if you do not see your podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. We can check on it for you and re-submit if necessary.

Boost Your Reach With The BTR Ecosystem Hosts on BlogTalkRadio stand to gain at least 17% more listening traffic than simply syndicating via RSS and streaming on their own site alone. The BTR podcasting hub makes your podcasts accessible by listeners on, on your own site, on iTunes, Stitcher, Aha Radio, TuneIn Radio, and a growing list of podcasting apps.

To Your Broadcasting Success, Valerie Jarrette Bass,MA, Producer, Host.

The Radio Time Productions staff has worked on award-winning creative campaigns. We pride ourselves in maintaining a boutique-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of creatives with the diverse skills needed to solve any problem. No issue is too big or too small. RTP has been on BlogTalkRadio for three years and has produced over 90 shows on diverse, forefront, products and services.

Valerie Jarrette Bass will conduct a 20-25 minute live interview at RadioTimeProductions @ BlogTalkRadio and provide an MP3  player for marketing campaigns. The interview remains in the archives 24/7  and will be marketed to social and other networks.


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