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Here are some of the findings:
- 39% of the US population listens to Internet Radio regularly
- Internet Radio listeners are affluent and influential
- 80% of Internet Radio listeners spend between 1 & 3 hours per day listening
- 45% of Internet Radio listeners listen on a phone and 14% listen on a tablet
- 73% change stations throughout the day. Internet Radio listeners are not exclusive to any one service
- 56% listen to Internet Radio while shopping
- running an Internet Radio campaign in parallel with a broadcast radio campaign increases response 3.5x
- running an Internet Radio campaign in parallel with an internet banner campaign increases response 2x
The way I see it (confirmed by this research) Internet Radio listeners are the leading edge/cutting edge demographic that try out new things first, recommend them to their friends, and provide the word of mouth mojo marketers are looking for. And they are available to be reached on average a couple hours every day. That's a super demographic to market to.

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